Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing concrete is a technique to clean but without the right knowledge it could damage and make things worse.

Spray it Rejuvenate it does this with precision and attention using the proper equipment and detergents. Another important factor is PSI. Most weekend warriors providing pressure washing are doing it wrong and creating more damage than good. It is easy to chip away cement and damage its integrity while vegetation grows through and causes bigger cracks so it’s not only about pressure washing, it’s about being educated on using the proper solution to solve rust stains, calcium build up, oxidation, etc.

Pressure washing different substrates such as concrete driveways, sidewalks, patio stone and other flat surfaces including metal create buildup of dirt and stains which take away the appeal of the property and can create safety hazards By cleaning the surfaces properly will create the surfaces to be safer to walk on. We can safely restore your driveway, pavers, stone, brick or other flat surfaces, decks & patios by pressure washing and detergent solutions. Contaminants darken the surface of everything from concrete to pavers, stone and more.

Restore the flat surfaces around your home or business using a combination of soft washing techniques combined with pressure washing to get rid of stubborn stains especially in commercial properties.

Spray it Rejuvenate offers yearly or bi-yearly service contracts especially for commercial properties to keep your establishment safe and looking its best.
Other services offered by us are window cleaning residential or commercial, gutter cleaning, and awning cleaning.